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"Spiral Architect"
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"Spiral Architect"
  1. A Sceptic's Universe

Conjuring Collapse


Spiral Architect

альбомы: A Sceptic's Universe
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 463 просмотра
Conclude with error, idiosyncratic deeds
Synthetic habitat, comprehension, consciousness
All senses are astray
Infected selfish greedUnpleasant frame of mind
Reflections of what's behind
Wisdom breeds fragile mindsWake from his fantasy
Fear mendacious empathy
Ecstatic biased sphereWe are the plaintive race
Constructors of predestined decay
A paragon failsForce of fiction, faking formula of faith
A chameleon with words
Uncertain factors, feed a mind so crystal clear
When will this circle end?Mankind falls from what it breeds
Cast reflections on it's ego's path
Altered minds in altered settings
Twisted mind collapse into intensity
Understand the face of manEverlasting hunt for truth
Blinded by different views
See through obstructive haze
And cleanse the human raceMankind falls from what it breeds
Conjuring collapse with this ego's path
Altered minds in altered settings made by man
Collapse into intensity
Aftermath of thinking man
Это интересно:Группа основана в 1993 году в городе Осло, Норвегия). Чем в 80-х — начале 90-х занимались Sieges Even, Psychotic Waltz, Watchtower, Fates Warning? Альбом A Sceptic's Universe — возвращение мятежного духа тех лет — совершенная музыка для самосовершенствования (качество, свойственное лучшим прогрессивным... продолжение
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