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"Spiral Architect"
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"Spiral Architect"
  1. A Sceptic's Universe

Cloud Constructor / Cloud of Unknowing


Spiral Architect

альбомы: A Sceptic's Universe
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 619 просмотров
Life as it seemed to the circling man
As he gazed into discarded land
Was a ride on a carousel of faith
Then he flew awayHe travelled far through his worn out mind
Through sorrow and pai, what had he gained?
Still his dreams they could never take away
So he flew into the sun againEmptiness struck as he realized
There's no answer to "who am I? what am I?"
He then saw why men must construct for themselves
A cloud of Unknowing
Это интересно:Группа основана в 1993 году в городе Осло, Норвегия). Чем в 80-х — начале 90-х занимались Sieges Even, Psychotic Waltz, Watchtower, Fates Warning? Альбом A Sceptic's Universe — возвращение мятежного духа тех лет — совершенная музыка для самосовершенствования (качество, свойственное лучшим прогрессивным... продолжение
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