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Believe the Hype



жанры: dance, 90s, eurodance, house, electronic
альбомы: World Power
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1057 просмотров
Searched and searched 

Where is the justice 

Couldn't find it 

So  in God I trust this mind to 

So it's strong and fruitful 

Am what I am 

Black and it's beautiful

Not political 

But aware 

Power Lord 

With a Powerful stare 

Never bow down to a mortal man 

Here I stand at my own command 

Not a follower 

Not a leader 

An exceeder sharp as a cleaver 

Some are sinners some  are praisers 

Me Turbo B. 

Heavenly Hellraiser 

Truth from the kid make some stronger 

Straight to the heart like a 12" dagger 


Way of the world  

Gaze upon the black pearl 

The bigger the badder bull 

In the game of life 

Knowledge rules 

The one with brains is the sole survivor 

Whit food is i tink ;with i stupid driver 


Don't be a dim wit 


Really a bad trip 

Wisdom get this 

This is legit 

Can l get a witness 

Not oppressor of the oppressor 

Don't rate this one as anything lesser 


You don't want to hear it 

But if the shoe fits then wear it 

Life is tough so you got to get tougher 

Get smart 

To out bluff the bluffer 

Feed your mind till wisdom peaks 

Absorb the knowledge I speak
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Это интересно:Конечно, для большинства поклонников евродэнса группа Snap! в первую очередь ассоциируется с их международным хитом "Rhythm Is A Dancer", ставшим практически новым явлением в музыкальной культуре. Так кому же мы обязаны за столь чудесную композицию, возвращающую нас теперь в уже довольно далекое прошлое? А началось все в 1989 году во Франкфурте, Германия, с музыкальных экспериментов... продолжение
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