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"Seven Lions"
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"Seven Lions"
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Seven Lions

жанры: dubstep, electro, electronic, trance
альбомы: Polarize EP
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1311 просмотров
Feat Lights 

 I didn't wanna sink 
 Cuz I'mma lost my mind 
 You prove me, found a break 
 Brother til well lead other side 
 And I, I, I think there x 2 
 So could I, could I 
 Don't have to have all figure out 
 We'll be all here, what's come about is bout to come back 
 Addicted to place we never were 
 Found me in the swetter 

 We have it all and find the bust 
 Sun is up, cover us 
 And all this tend us 
 It's tamin' to a beautiful day 
 And I feel like 
 Silence fallin' away x 3 

 I don't wanna nothin' go, I wouldn't be here all the night 
 Thou we had to stay, no 
 Know we have to say it's alright 
 Cuz I think we're there 
 And I think for there 
 To good night don't have to have all figure out 
 We'll be alright, what come around come back 
 Tomorrow when we meet 
 The day between be like never be 

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Это интересно:Немногословный исполнитель Jeff Montalvo, выступающий под псевдонимом Seven Lions, предпочитает, чтобы его басы говорили вместо него, сами за себя. Новый продюсер, во многом благодаря поддержке и одобрению супер-группы Above & Beyond (занимающей на данный момент 5 строчку в мировом рейтинге Top 100 DJs), Seven Lions отправился в свой первый тур, разогревая своих приятелей, также молодых пионеров жанра - Gemini,... продолжение
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