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Swing When You're Winning


Robbie Williams

жанры: swing, jazz, pop
дата: 19 ноября 2001

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Rock DJ★★★★★
  2. 2.Kids
  3. 3.Supreme
  4. 4.Let Love Be Your Energy
  5. 5.The Road To Mandalay
  6. 6.I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen★★
  7. 7.Mack The Knife★★
  8. 8.Somethin' Stupid★★
  9. 9.Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
  10. 10.It Was a Very Good Year★★
  11. 11.Straighten Up And Fly Right
  12. 12.Well, Did You Evah
  13. 13.One For My Baby
  14. 14.Things
  15. 15.Ain't That A Kick In The Head
  16. 16.They Can't Take That Away From Me
  17. 17.Have You Met Miss Jones?
  18. 18.Me And My Shadow
  19. 19.Beyond The Sea★★
  20. 20.Better Man★★
  21. 21.If It's Hurting You
  22. 22.Singing For The Lonely
  23. 23.Love Calling Earth
  24. 24.Knutsford City Limits
  25. 25.Forever Texas
  26. 26.By All Means Necessary
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