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  1. Tell Laura I Love Her
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  3. Missing You
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"Ray Peterson"
  1. Tell Laura I Love Her

Tell Laura I Love Her


Ray Peterson

жанры: oldies, 60s, love, pop
альбомы: Tell Laura I Love Her
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1383 просмотра
Laura and Tommy were lovers

He wanted to give her everything

Flowers, presents, but most of all, a wedding ring

He saw a sign for a stock car race

A thousand dollar prize it read

He couldn't get Laura on the phone

So to her mother, Tommy said

Tell Laura I love her

Tell Laura I need her

Tell Laura I may be late

I've something to do, that cannot wait

He drove his car to the racing grounds

He was the youngest driver there

The crowed roared as they started the race

Around the track they drove at a deadly pace

No one knows what happened that day

Or how his car overturned in flames

But as they pulled him from the twisted wreck

With his dying breath, they heard him say

Tell Laura I love her

Tell Laura I need her

Tell Laura not to cry

My love for her will never die

Now in the chapel where Laura prays 

For her poor Tommy, who passed away

It was just for Laura he lived and died

Alone in the chapel she can hear him cry

(Grazie a Massimo per questo testo)
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