I Woke Up Today


Port O'Brien

жанры: indie, folk, alternative
альбомы: All We Could Do Was Sing, The Wind and the Swell
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 825 просмотров
i woke up today in a very simple way
in the morning all i could do was sing
i was thinking of things the blue ocean brings
the way it glows, the way it always knows
that when you lose something like a golden diamond ring
you will know that it will show the way the ocean always knows

yes i understand i cannot live on this land
but does that truly mean i have seen all that can be seen
as for now i will stay in the oven i will bake
as you sit down to pray into the river i will wade
i woke up today in a very simple way
i woke up today in a very simple way
i woke up today in a very simple way
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Это интересно:Port O'Brien are an American musical group combining elements of acoustic, folk and indie rock.They are named after a bay in Alaska featuring a now-abandoned cannery on Kodiak Island where founder member Van Pierszalowski's parents met. They started out as a folk music duo of Cambria Goodwin and Van Pierszalowski while Cambria was living in Cambria, California and Van was living in Oakland. After Cambria moved closer to Oakland they added a rhythm section composed of Caleb Nichols and Joshua Barnhart.The band has toured nationally with artists such as Nada Surf, Bright Eyes and The Cave Singers and toured Europe with Modest Mouse, as well as receiving favourable reviews from... продолжение
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