2 Atoms In A Molecule


Noah and the Whale

жанры: indie, folk
альбомы: Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1425 просмотров
Last night, I had a dream
We were inseparably entwined
Like a piece of rope
Made out of two pieces of vineHeld together, holding each other
With no one else in mind
Like two atoms in a molecule
Inseparably combinedBut then I woke from the dream
To realize I was alone
A tragic event, I must admit
But let's not be overblownI'm gonna try to write a love song
Just a sad, pathetic moan
And maybe I just need change
Maybe I just need a new cologneBut now I look at love
Like being stabbed in the heart
You torture each other from day to day
And then one day you partMost of the time it's misery
But there's some joy at the start
And for that, I'd say it's worth it
Just as you play the shortest sharp on meAnd if love is just a game
Then how come it's no fun?
If love is just a game
How come I've never won?I guess maybe it's possible
I might be playing it wrong
And that's why every time I roll the dice
I always come undone
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Это интересно:Группа Noah and the Whale – английский инди-фолк ансамбль из Лондона, основан в 2006 году в составе: лидер группы Charlie Fink (вокал, гитара), его брат Doug Fink (ударные), Tom Hobden (скрипка), Urby Whale (бас-гитара). На сегодняшний день ими записано 2 студийных альбома: дебютный "Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down" был выпущен в августе 2008 г, второй альбом 'The First Days of Spring' вышел в августе 2009 г. Незадолго до выхода второго альбома... продолжение
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