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Dinosaurs Will Die



жанры: punk
альбомы: Pump Up the Valuum, The Greatest Songs Ever Written
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 818 просмотров
Kick back watch it crumble
See the drowning, watch the fall
I feel just terrible about it
That's sarcasm, let it burnGonna make a toast when it falls apart
I'm gonna raise my glass above my heart
Then someone shouts "That's what they get"For all the years of hit and run
All the piss broke bands on VH1
Where did all, their money go?
Don't we all knowParasitic music industry
As it destroys itself
We'll show them how it's supposed to beMusic written from devotion
Not ambition, not for fame
Zero people are exploited
There are no tricks, up our sleeveWe're gonna fight against the mass appeal
We're gonna kill the 7 record deal
Make records that have more than one good songThe dinosaurs will slowly die
And I do believe no one will cry
I'm just fucking glad I'm gonna be
There to watch the fallPrehistoric music industry
Three feet in la brea tar
Extinction never felt so goodYou think anyone would feel badly
You are sadly, mistaken
Time has come for evolution
Fuck collusion, kill the fiveWhatever happened to the handshake?
Whatever happened to deals no-one would break?
What happened to integrity?It is still there it always was for playing music
Just because a million reason why
All dinosaurs will die
All dinosaurs will die
All dinosaurs will die
Это интересно:NOFX («НоуЭфЭкс») — группа из Сан-Франциско, штат Калифорния, образованная в 1983 г.Изначально группа состояла из вокалиста Фэт Майка (Настоящее имя - Майк Бёркетт), барабанщика Эрика Сэндина и гитариста Эрика Мэлвина.С 1991 г. вторым гитаристом и трубачом стал Эль Хэфе.Тексты группы, нередко саркастические, посвящены политике, обществу, различным субкультурам, расизму, звукозаписывающей... продолжение
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