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"Most Precious Blood"
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"Most Precious Blood"
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Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves


Most Precious Blood

жанры: hardcore, metalcore
альбомы: Merciless
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1174 просмотра
This is a call to arms for every human who still has a shred of life left in them

If they want what we have, let's see them try - come and take it - try to take it

You won't take us

We don't die

For teh lives of those who think and feel, for all who still try, for those who touch nothing they cannot steal - hope is the last to die

With promises and poison they try to fill us

It will take more than everything they have to kill us

Make the first shot the best you've got

Miss and live to tell? I think not

For the lives of those who think and feel, for all of us who still try - on the soil of this battlefield, hope is the last to die
Это интересно:Most Precious Blood (далее MPB) основана в Нью-Йорке из участников ранее существовавшей хардкор-панк группы Indecision. Они смешивали такие музыкальные стили, как хардкор и тяжёлый металл. На MPB оказали влияние такие исполнители, как Sick Of It All, Aphex Twin,... продолжение
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