Galaxy Song


Monty Python

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Whenever life gets you down, Mrs.Brown
And things seem hard or tough
And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft
And you feel that you've had quite enoughJust remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour
That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned
A sun that is the source of all our powerThe sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour
Of the galaxy we call the 'milky way'Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars
It's a hundred thousand light years side to side
It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick
But out by us, it's just three thousand light years wideWe're thirty thousand light years from galactic central point
We go 'round every two hundred million years
And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions
In this amazing and expanding universeThe universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding
In all of the directions it can whizz
As fast as it can go, the speed of light, you know
Twelve million miles a minute and that's the fastest speed there isSo remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure
How amazingly unlikely is your birth
And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space
'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth
Это интересно:Монти Пайтон (англ. Monty Python) — комик-группа из Великобритании, состоявшая из шести человек. Благодаря своему инновационному, абсурдистскому юмору участники «Монти Пайтон» («Пайтоны») находятся в числе самых влиятельных комиков всех времён. Труппа известна во многом благодаря юмористическому телешоу «Летающий цирк Монти Пайтона», выходившему на BBC в 1969—1974 годах; также она выпустила... продолжение
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