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"Mars Red Sky"
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Mars Red Sky

жанры: stoner rock, psychedelic rock, psychedelic, stoner, fuzz rock, rock
Это интересно: On a winter night in 2007, Julien Pras and Jimmy Kinast met at a tiny club in Bordeaux for the Berlin Vs Brooklyn show, a repetitive math-rock duet. The surprise that awaited them was huge: behind his drums, Benoit Busser was a perfect fusion of John Bonham and Todd Trainer. Blown away by his technique, Julien and Jimmy imagined the band they could form together and finally achieve their musical fantasies. Up to this moment, Julien Pras was currently promoting the 5th album of his band Calc and was dreaming of a noisy psychedelia with Big muff pedals and plenty of reverberated guitars. Next to him, Jimmy Kinast who held his bass during the 90’s in several noisy pop bands was feeding the same desire.... продолжение

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2011 год
  1. Mars Red Sky
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