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жанры: hip-hop, rnb, rap, pop
альбомы: Contraband
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 747 просмотров

[Verse 1:]
I'm saying hey ya
Say ma
You're the only thing poppin'on my ra-dar
So I've gotta hit it over eight bars
I got that- got that good taste ya'll
So I play my cards
Everything paid, you can see'em all fade as we take off
They lost
Gone through my mind all night, she's impossible to shake off

You've got me running around town
I forget your name, but baby I'm settling down
But you're so gorgeous I can't wait to take you out
And I ain't trying to take it slow, no no no

You should see her, yeah you should see her

Shorty shakes my world
You should see her
Shorty shakes my world
You should see her
Shaking my world
Shorty shakes
You should see her heat up the place
You should see her when she meets the bass
Shorty shakes my world
You should see her
Shaking my world

[Verse 2:]
Yeah she's that nice
Yeah she's she's that good stuff
Yeah she's with me when the night calls
Yeah she's the truth
Yeah she can move
Like a spark in the darkshe's my light bulb
So I go left, to make the right move
You wanna teach, I wanna be your disciple
Nobody's like you
Shorty you shake my world, now I'm 'bout to shake yours, turn the lights off

You're so sublime, my my
Can't even get you out my mind
You come in all shapes and sizes you're such a dime
I love your style
Baby you should stay for a while
Let's get wild 'n' crazy

You should see her, you should see her


To all the ladies
Report to floor
Show me what you got
Give me more

[Chorus 2x]
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Это интересно:«Madcon» (сокращение от «англ. Mad сonspiracy» — «безумная конспирация») — дуэт из НорвегииВ 2007 году, норвежская хип-хоп-группа Madcon выпустила кавер-версию песни Beggin группы Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. В таком исполнении, в котором все ее слышали, песня становится самым популярным хитом 2007 года в Норвегии и достигает первого места в местных чартах.Истории норвежских исполнителей покрыты мраком... продолжение
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