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"Lil Wyte"
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"Lil Wyte"
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Ten Toes Tall


Lil Wyte

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Doubt Me Now
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1229 просмотров
[DJ Paul sample]
bustin with that 45 make them bitches back it up, back it up [repeat 4X][Verse 1]
I'm 5 foot 8, from the Bay, white as fuck and do not play
If you want me, come and get me, Fraiser Drive is where I stay
Won't you come on down my way, I hope that you ain't afraid
You won't even need the numbers 'cause we posted every day
On the corner or in my front yard where we smoke marijuana
Sit back, wait on the police to ride by and stare so we can dog'em
Know wha I'm sayin, they can't fade us, so what the fuck you think you gon do?
We HCP, clicked up with the rest of the world and yes we deep foo
You don't wanna end up an example of what we would to to haters mayne
Victimz have said that we bring the pain and witnesses that we all the same
I don't wanna stress on otha shit that y'all been constantly questionin
Shit that I'm preachin come from people teachin
The shit that I remember so deep within
And when I get to where I'm gonna be in my successful life
I'ma look down at y'all haters in disgrace 'cause I done took my flight
And when I get ready shine in that stage of my life
I'ma make sure all y'all haters remember me and I'm gon allrigh[Chorus]
So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall
We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all
I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall
I'm gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall
So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall
We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all
I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall
We gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall
BITCH![Verse 2]
Keep'em breathin, leave'em bleedin, boy this is not haters season
This the reason for them beefin, all the rest is just some treason
I got nina's, I got rifles, I got fully auto's too
You get one I will get five and everyone will come for you
This the truth, I got problems in my life and that'z a fact
But that don't give you one right to jump in my shit and holla back
With a different brain, simple thangs, keep me on a different plane
Bizness mayne, with pleasure to settle by an open flame
Plently change will be excepted, but plus I want the fame
Know my name and disrespect it but it will stay the same
Down the drain, knowin for me I have to be workin thangz
Love the game, wanna retire but when I'm 80 mayne
Mary Jane all in my system but yet I still maintain
I'm insane, so hard to hide it but still I can't complain
I got killaz takin good care of ya, leavin plenty stainz
With the shovel I'm gonna bary yo mangled up remainz[Chorus][Verse 3]
Talk about these hatin lil boys, carryin they toys but they small dawg
Put yo 22 under my 5-0 cal and I'ma get rawed dawg
Ain't no need to stall dawg, I'ma blow up on all y'all
Racin across the nation to yo crib, I ??
Now we about to stop, now the road about 2 blockz
Reachin yo house wit two glockz, got in yo house wit 2 knockz
Came to the door in Reebok's, joggin pants wit no sockz
Run up them steps actin like you won't get caught but break them door lockz
Situations gettin mixed, ? yo boy got in some shit
Crossed the wrong one, he found out he didn't know who he was fuckin wit
Wyte, backed up by Triple Six
In the next year don't fuck wit this
Fraiser, bound, and youngsta, *Hyptonized* is how I'll leave ya bitch
Blastin back wit competition, stainin on y'all fuckin hoez
Leavin incision pushin some pimpin righ up out the do'
Hate me now, hate me later, it's all good I gots to go
So many haters up in my world, couldn't count'em on my handz and toez[Chorus]
Это интересно:Рэпер из Мемфиса Lil Wyte сразу после выхода дебютного альбома Doubt Me Now был провозглашен одним из лучших андеграундных исполнителей. Два года спустя Wyte подтвердил это звание, выпустив второй альбом Phinally Phamous (Наконец-то Знаменит). В плане лирики пластинка превзошла все другие альбомы прошлого года и вместила в себя все его таланты. Чтобы выразить свои эмоции, Wyte использовал самые разные музыкальные... продолжение
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