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"Lady Danville"
  1. Love to Love
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"Lady Danville"
  1. Lady Danville EP

Love to Love


Lady Danville

жанры: acoustic, indie
альбомы: Lady Danville EP
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 727 просмотров
I thought I knew but I wanted to say

Just a simple song about the perfect day

Well you came up and down across my mind

I know I said no more love songs, I'm sorry I lied


Cuz I love to love you butter bubble I love to love

It's crazy cuz of love just may be mine and made us

We could just never know because we both gave up

I'm sorry but didn't you say it wasn't love?

I thought I loved you and the true love in me

Crazy how our yearning hearts can deceive

Nothing was real and true, according to you

Truth be told, I never had you

Truth be told, I guess I never had you


For you, cover your ears

Hear what I have to say

Take my hand, here's your five point pen

So you can write me someday

Hard to believe that things came to an end

Who would have also thought you'd leave as a friend?

You can never lose what you didn't have true

Truth be told, I never had you

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Это интересно:Bill Douglas родился в Канаде 7 ноября 1944 года. Его отец играл на тромбоне и пел в одном из оркестров, а мать играла на органе в церкви. Первым музыкальным опытом Bill’a было создание группы, в которой он и другие дети использовали игрушечные инструменты. Он учился игре на фортепиано, а также на семиструнной гитаре и четырехструнной гавайской гитаре – укелеле. В восемь лет Bill начинает сочинять... продолжение
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