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"Jhené Aiko"
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"Jhené Aiko"
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The Pressure


Jhené Aiko

жанры: american, rnb
альбомы: Souled Out, The Pressure
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 343 просмотра
I care about you baby, baby
More than you'll ever know
More than you'll ever know
Please do not drive me crazy, crazy
Unless you're gonna go
With meNo pressure
No pressure, I know you're real
The pressure
The pressure will make you feelUp till the sun rises
There's no compromising
I know, I know, I know
You are such a liar
I never denied you
I was for sure
But it's really out of my control
The way you feel is not my problem
I don't wanna see you go
But I don't have time to solve this
And you don't have the right
After all you put me through
I'm starting to realizePressure
The pressure I know you feel
The pressure just keep it realMajor weed smoke in the air
Pass it like you just don't care
Have you seen my fucks to give?
I have none, I cannot live withThe pressure
The pressure you know I feel
The pressure
The pressure to keep it realPay attention to the signs
Stay and listen, you will find
Everything, ain't rocket science
Every gem is not a diamondBut the pressure
The pressure will make you feelThe pressure
The pressure, the pressure
The pressure
The pressure will make you feel
Это интересно:Джене́й А́йко Эфуру Чиломбо (род. 16 марта 1988, Лос-Анджелес), более известная как Джене́й А́йко или просто Джене́й — американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Айко — бывшая артистка лейблов The Ultimate Group и Epic Records, тем не менее оба из них она покинула сама, чтобы продолжить своё образование. Она начинала свою карьеру как «двоюродная сестра Лил Физза», на самом деле не состоят с ним в родстве. Это... продолжение
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