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"Jhené Aiko"
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"Jhené Aiko"
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Limbo Limbo Limbo


Jhené Aiko

жанры: pop
альбомы: Souled Out
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 943 просмотра
She was born in limbo
With the need to be as simple
As her makers and the made up things she dreamed
Falling from high buildings 'til she
Was numb to the feeling really
She would never be quite what she seemed
She was just as hollow as a
Earth opened up, swallowing her
Off the grid and into paradise, her whole life on a ride
Her whole life was on a ride, on a ride, life was on a rideSailing through the cosmic seas
Her celestial frequency was needed
To fulfill the prophecy
She was too real to believe in
Though if they would, she could free them
From the truth that they've been told a lie, their whole life
On a ride, yeah whole life was on a ride, on a ride
Life is on a ride, your whole life is on a ride
Your whole life is on a rideYour whole life is on a ride, always wondered why
Use to be so different you were not this type of guy
Always set aside all your extra pride
Then you started trippin' different bitches on the side
And I am not surprised, no I am not surprised
You always demanded things that I could not supply
And I could not survive
If you don't have survival then I cannot take that ride
Your whole life is on a ride, your whole life is on a rideShe was just as basic as the universal language of love
Necessary to keep him alive
Это интересно:Джене́й А́йко Эфуру Чиломбо (род. 16 марта 1988, Лос-Анджелес), более известная как Джене́й А́йко или просто Джене́й — американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Айко — бывшая артистка лейблов The Ultimate Group и Epic Records, тем не менее оба из них она покинула сама, чтобы продолжить своё образование. Она начинала свою карьеру как «двоюродная сестра Лил Физза», на самом деле не состоят с ним в родстве. Это... продолжение
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