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Look at Me Now



жанры: rnb
альбомы: Replay
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 986 просмотров
Yagga o (yagga o)
Yeah I (yeah I)
Yagga oVerse 1:
They said I'm nothing but I laughed and told them keep talkin
No when they see me they hang their heads and keep walking
Does it hurt to see me shine, I'm getting radio and tv time
I rig them dossie doe, jumpin, screamin, yagga oSome sittin prating like they enemies
To think for once that they were friend a we
When they see you rolling through the street they try to act cool
But player hate cause I will never, ever doubt you[Chorus:]
Many thought that I would fall, now I got it all
They thought that I will fail, That I'd just end up in jail
Look at me now (5x)
Look at me now now nowVerse 2:
They say that we won't last, We came up where to fast
We getting bigger and better with every day that past
Look at me now, us, ain't none of them can know me though.
We comin from the high to the west and east
And know every where else is down, down, down down.Mama told my spread your wings my son and fly
And though it might ge rough you are your mothers child
They said your nothing but son just tell them keep talking
So when they see you they'll hang their head and keep walking[Repeat Chorus:]Verse 3:
So if you want to make a feeling
Or put your one's up to the ceiling
Cause we don't know how to lose, no way
So please just listen to the words that we sayinJust imagine that it was coming up
You try to come in but you can get a walk
Nobody can really hear your stuff
Cause the dj isn't really play your cutOn top of that everybody hates you gutts
All because (?)
I blowin up bigger than an African Bus
But don't hate me cause you ain't do it like usI know I good so why is shit so cruel
I give my best cause I got shit to lose
No it's my time, take your props but give me mine.
Until the day I'm here to rest, every day I'm show up with the pvi.[Repeat Chorus: 2x]
Это интересно:Keidran Jones, более известный под псевдонимом Iyaz, уроженец Виргинских островов, появился на свет в музыкальной семье и учился в колледже на звукорежиссёра и саунд-дизайнера. В 2008 году через страничку MySpace музыкальные эксперементы Ияза обнаружил Шон Кингстон, исполнитель хита «Take You There». Когда Ияз впервые увидел сообщение от Шона в своем электронном ящике, он подумал, что это розыгрыш... продолжение
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