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"I Would Set Myself on Fire for You"
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"I Would Set Myself on Fire for You"
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I Would Set Myself on Fire for You

жанры: screamo, emo, post-hardcore
альбомы: Believes In Patterns
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1020 просмотров
I tried to understand you, but I can't. 

I wish you could see yourself standing there now: so tall, so proud, and so bold. 

Do you recognize these footprints in the sand? 

They have always been your own. 

It was beautiful when I walked outside and realized that I could look straight through the sky and not be afraid.

So what if I die everyday a little more inside, it's just another night to lie awake and wonder. 

I've written a thousand pages in her name and I just want to know does she ever wonder, does she remember, does she even care. 

It's been so long. Now my soul has shattered, left broken glass under her feet as she walks away. 

I still remember when we were beautiful, it was so beautiful.
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Это интересно:I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - скримо-команда из города Атланта, штат Джорджия, США. Образовавшись в 2001 году первоначальным составом являлись: Джастин (бас, вокал), Линдси (альт скрипичный, вокал), Стивен (гитара, вокал), Пол (ударные). Они играли художественную и драматичную музыку с тремя вокалистами. В 2007 на MySpace группы было опубликовано сообщение о... продолжение
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