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We Can Take Them All



жанры: hardcore
альбомы: Let Go
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 638 просмотров
Is this the end of everything? It's all falling down, it's all crashing down.

Everyone's telling me to focus on my dreams, but I can't lift my head from the suffering below.

Sometimes I feel like there's no hope for mankind.

Strapped down to tradition, chained to the lies we've been fed.

Has this gone too far? Can we sever the hand of power hanging over our heads?

We can take them all. Let them line up against our generation that says no.

We're not standing for this. We're bringing you to your knees. Turn your back on everything.

To expose the lies and greed that you beg us to buy into.

I know they're all, x4


Question everything, 'cause nothing's what it seems.

And they gave fake a face, force-fed the American dream.

Shipped us overseas to be all we can be. We can't justify murder with freedom isn't free.

I challenge this generation to expand our minds and seek truth for ourselves.

I challenge this generation to not buy into the dreams set forth by man.

I challenge this generation to suffer without luxury and lend our greedy hands.

I challenge this generation to not, to not forsake the unseen.
Это интересно:Hundredth - это американская melodic hardcore\metalcore команда. Основанная в 2008 году в городе Мертл-Бич, США.Ребята подписались на Mediaskare Records (Volumes, Suffokate, The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts), и в 2010 году вышел дебютный альбом "When Will We Surrender", который пришелся по вкусу многим. Но из-за скучного материала Hundredth так и не оценили по достоинству. Так же был снят клип на песню Desolate (в котором Джонатан Виджил из The Ghost... продолжение
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