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You Never Knew



жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: 3rd Eye Vision, Full Circle, LIVE Full Circle Tour
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1180 просмотров
(together) Hiero, y'all...

It's not a wrong thing
to be addicted to the microphone like a heroin fiend
I'll tell you one thing:
You'll never catch me fronting
As I proceed to give the people what they wanting
[Opio] You're making some green...
[A-Plus] But not for drama or fashion
I'm stacking cash until I can get Moms a mansion
[Opio] All from rapping?
[A-Plus] Nah, man, there's many plans
Like investing in land 
It started all from impressing the fans
With brand new flows
And you know
All the way from gangsta clones to weirdos
Fools used those
But we ain't tripping
Give respect when you see this
You need us, 
or your raps underdevelop like a fetus

[Pep Love]
Those that know not doze
And it shows
When we broke out the knock
Hos hopped out they clothes
That's positive feedback
Yep, The Prose
I'm poised, we never pose, you'll never know
>From '93 til infinity we've been inventive
Creating the bump is our only incentive
And it's been a long time since I feel I've been felt 
But the only thing I fear is fear itself
So you know what we gots to do
Maybe could we keep it within the crew
Like it should be?
Never givin' out 
We're livin' out our dreams
If there's something I can't live without,
That's my team
You never knew...

Hip-hop is vintage
Underground like silos 
Launching long-range ballistics
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin' circles around emcees

Del -- been rhyming for more than a decade
Onto the next stage, while emcees need aid
Stay paid, I'm still grade-A
None of that tomfoolery
As you can see this shit ain't nothing new to me
Utterly hovering over other things material
You're stuck in the here and now
Plus you're sweating profusely -- here's a towel
Your fears are now reality
When I take your dream states
And elaborate on how your team's fake
With phony IDs, but sometimes I feel like
Only I see through the charade you've made
In today, but hey, tomorrow it's played
And then they got a new fool in your place to be okayed

Hip-hop is vintage
Invented in days back
Rekindling in ways that many thought was lost
In this contemporary maze of methods to floss
We finding trees and trails to blaze
Boundaries to cross
We can be found beyond the bounds of reason
Or earthbound, heatin' up the Coliseum

They rushed the stage full-throttle in Chicago
Our brains interlocked
Where fakin' emcees get caught with the 40-bottle
Or get their chains snatched, pronto
We unstoppable, droppin' flows in Toronto
Maneuverin' through Vancouver and on to Japan 
where they put major grands in my hand

Straight from the heart we set apart from the rest an'
Our perfection on the microphone was predestined
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin' circles around emcees
Это интересно:Hieroglyphics группа из Оаклэнда, штат Калифорния, основанная Del tha Funkee Homosapien'ом в далеком 1991 году и существующая по сей день. Состоит из 8 человек, включая самого Del'a - Casual, Domino, Pep Love, A-Plus, Opio, Tajai, Phesto.
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