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Young Hearts Be Free Tonight


Give Up The Ghost

жанры: hardcore
альбомы: We're Down Til We're Underground
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 988 просмотров
Send my regards, see my new scars?
I am half dead from all these love songs
Intro to incoming end- sing the ones that make you want to live
The world is spinning round and round
And we're just staring at the ground
(It's only everything)It's been too long since the last time we felt alive
We're digging our own graves- we're damning our own prayers
And these are songs the world would sing,
but they're too deaf for honesty
And these are lives the world would lead,
but they're against injuryDance to the misery of your life put to backbeat
Dance to the sound of everything you ever lost
(Never had, nothing at all)
I wouldn't be here if I'd never plugged in this outlet
There is a world waiting for us to live in it
(Viva Love) Sing everything you've ever loved
For everything that you will one day love
Long live the sound of desperation
Long live the stereo of destruction
Это интересно:ex. American Nightmare.Бостонская банда, игравшая мелодичный хардкор, была сформирована в 1999 году вокалистом Вэзом Айсолдом и гитаристом Тимом Коузером из группы Ten Yard Fight . Сначала они короткое время выступали под названием American Nightmare, но в результате судебных разбирательств в 2003 были вынуждены сменить название на Give up the Ghost. Банда выпустила несколько записей на Bridge 9 и Equal Vision до внезапного... продолжение
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