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Unconditional Love



жанры: reggae, dancehall
альбомы: Confidence
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1292 просмотра
Woman don't you lose your faith now
Everything it will be great nowChorus:
Woman wipe those tears out of your eyes
This love is unconditional
This love is exceptional
Woman wipe those tears out of your eyes
You feel a bit emotional
Just come and get personalWoman I'll make it fine for you
Time after time for you
I will read and translate the very signs fi you
I'm gonna turn your very water into wine for you
Polish down your little heart and keep that shine for you
Tomorrow is too late for a love that is true
I can wipe away your sorrow and make your life brand new
Every man needs a woman fi cut and go through
And Gentleman a needs youChorusYou say you have been hurt before
You're crying cause you nuh want to get hurt no more
I am not like the rest I'll make you feel secure
So much love in store
Baby you are the one that I adore
Nothing in this whole wide world that coulda get us down
There is no one in this world who coulda wear your crown
Always want you around
Just make a joyful soundChorusMy world is ma warranty
Make you know seh that my love is my guarantee
And babygirl apparently
You never imagine what it is life if you par with me
I'm gonna take you to a place where the moon shines brighter
Love is in the air so let us hold on tighter
Take you away from those vandals and fighters
You are the one that I would always try fa
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Это интересно:Ещё мальчишкой Отто Тильман (Otto Tillmann) уехал из Германии на Ямайку. А через несколько лет Отто, уже как настоящий Gentleman, выпустил 6 альбомов и несколько синглов.Trodin on (1999)Journey to Jah (2002)Gentleman And The Far East Band Live (2003)Confidence (2004)Different Places (ep) (2007)Live At The Rex Theater (2007)Another Intencity (2007)Diversity (2010)The Singles Collection (2010)
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