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"Gem Club"
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Gem Club

жанры: piano
альбомы: Breakers
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 833 просмотра
i can feel the distance set in
the slow lights of your eyes
my head against your chest
as the dust shot up so bright
palms to the ground
in search of something else
the horses in my heart are chained
i can hear your charms
i can see them shining
in violet veils turned down
i watched this world stream out
my love was golden throated
a child with the sea inside him
then dawn came and turned him silent
until the spring sets in
until we can begin
and i had dreamed some
that all our acts had
come undone
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Это интересно:Gem Club — это американская группа из Бостона, основанная в 2009 году Кристофером Барном. Группа играет альтернативную, свою версию поп-рока, характеризующейся глубиной песен и текста. (D)
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