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"Gem Club"
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"Gem Club"
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Black Ships


Gem Club

альбомы: Breakers
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 451 просмотр
i've been building black ships
in the arms of a man i'd forgotten
he rings the bell he's holding
he's ringing in the changes
only we are left
maybe it's our january heads
if only we could cast off all our limbs
then we would learn to start again
apart from every thing we once knew
you as if you could be
dancing like a tiger
a tiger with such timing
and me
a flower in a frenzy
hour after hour
saw you build the ship
tangle them in branches
but i can't feel my hands anymore
and i've been building black ships
all that i've seen i've forgotten
the heart's curtain lifts
the metal shakes itself
where are you now
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Это интересно:Gem Club — это американская группа из Бостона, основанная в 2009 году Кристофером Барном. Группа играет альтернативную, свою версию поп-рока, характеризующейся глубиной песен и текста. (D)
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