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"For Today"
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"For Today"
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For Today

жанры: metalcore, hardcore
альбомы: Portraits
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1038 просмотров
You're not alone, my son. I made you for so much more than this... more than this. Don't be afraid, my child, for I have overcome the world. Go tell the world that I would die for them to know me. And I would die for them to live. And this is life: that they would know you, God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. This is life, child. I'll give you everything. And you can stand tall for there is life in me. Now, let the blood I she'd be just enough for you to know that you will always have a home with me - no, you will not be abandoned. All hell will not stand against us, for only those who choose to die will claim the life I have for them. So now the question stands: Would you die... would you die for me? Would you die... would you die for me? Would you die... would you die for me? Would you die... Can you hear it? Can you hear my voice? I've been calling you since the day you were born, to come home... to come home to the place I've prepared for you. You're not alone.
Это интересно:For Today - христианская хардкор \ металкор группа из Айовы, США. В настоящее время записывается на лэйбле Razor & Tie Records. С 2005 года по сей день у группы числится 5 полноценных альбомов и свыше 700 выступлений. 1 апреля 2008 года свет увидел их первый альбом под названием Ekklesia. Он включал в себя 10 трэков в звучании которых были гармонично смешаны соло с брэйкдаунами, это привлекло слушателей, что... продолжение
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