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"Flight of the Conchords"
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"Flight of the Conchords"
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Flight of the Conchords

жанры: folk, indie
альбомы: HBO One Night Stand
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 851 просмотр
Girl, tonight were gonna make love
You know how I know? Because its Wednesday
And Wednesday night is the night that we usually make love
Monday night is my night to cook
Tuesday night we go and visit your mother
But Wednesday, we make sweet weekly loveIts when everything is just right
There's nothing good on TV
You haven't had your after work social sports team practice
So you are not too tired, oh good, it's all onYou lean in and whisper something sexy in my ear like
I might go to bed now, Ive got work in the morning
I know what youre trying to say, girl
Youre trying to say, oh, yeah
Its business time, it's business timeIts business, its business time
I know what youre trying to say
Youre trying to say its time for business
Its business time, ooh
Its business, its business timeThen were in the bathroom brushing our teeth
Thats all part of the foreplay, I love foreplayThen you sort out the recycling
That isnt part of the foreplay process, but its still very important
Then next thing you know were in the bedroom
Youre wearin that baggy old ugly T-shirt
You got from your work several years ago
You know the one, baby with the color stainedI remove my clothes very, very clumsily
Tripping sensuously open my pants
Now I'm naked except for my socks
And you know when Im down to just my socks
What time it isIts business, it's business time
You know when Im down to my socks its time for business
Thats why theyre called business socks
Its business, its business timeMaking love, making love for
Making love for two, making love for two minutes
When its with me, girl, you only need two minutes
Because Im so intenseYou whisper something sexy like, Is that it?
I know what youre trying to say, girl
Youre trying to say, oh yeah, thats it
And you tell me you want some more
Well, Im not surprised but I am quite sleepyIts business, its business time
Business hours are over, baby
Its business, its business time
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Это интересно:Flight Of The Conchords - четвертая по популярности ново-зеландская (комедийная) инди-фолк-рок-группа, призёры Grammy Award. В состав их дуэта входят Bret McKenzie и Jemaine Clement.Bret и Jemaine были соседями по квартире. Jemaine занимался фильмографией. Познакомились в 1998 году в университете Victoria University Веллингтона, где обучались кино и театральному искусствам. В 2002 году выступали на фестивале Edinburgh Fringe Festival. В 2003 году... продолжение
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