Keep on Growing


Derek and the Dominos

жанры: rock, 70s
альбомы: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs, The Layla Sessions
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1088 просмотров
I was laughing
Playing in the streets, I was unknowing
I didn't know my fatePlaying
The game of love, but never really showing
I thought that love could waitI was a young man and sure to go astray
You walked right into my life
And told me love would find a wayTo keep on growing
Keep on growing
Keep on growingI was standing
Looking in the face of one who loved me
Feeling so ashamedHoping
And praying, Lord, that she could understand me
But I didn't know her nameShe took my hand in hers and told me I was wrong
She said, "You're gonna be all right, boy
Oh, just as long""As you keep on growing
Keep on growing
Keep on growing"
Yeah, yeah, yeahBabyMaybe
Someday baby, who knows where or when, Lord
Just you wait and seeWe'll be walking
Together hand in hand, along forever
Woman just you and me'Cause time is gonna change us
Lord, and I know it's true
Our love is gonna keep on glowing
And growing and it's all we gotta doKeep on growing
Keep on growing
Keep on growing
Yeah, yeah, yeahKeep on growing
Keep on growing
Keep on growing
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Это интересно:Проект Эрика Клэптона DEREK & THE DOMINOS. Помимо музыкантов, участвовавших в записи его первого сольника - "Eric Clapton" (1970), в проекте засветились такие звезды, как близкий друг Клэптона Джордж Харрисон (George Harrison) и гитарист ALLMAN BROTHERS Дьюэн Оллмэн (Duane Allman). Вышедший в декабре 1970 года альбом "Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs" был великолепен. Это очень симпатичный набор мягких и мелодичных песен, лишенных... продолжение
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