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"Dead Swans"
  1. Thinking Of You
  2. Swallow
  3. 20.07.07
  4. Ivy Archway
  5. Ascension
  6. Hide And Seek
  7. ...And When It Seemed So Bright
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"Dead Swans"
  1. Sleepwalkers
  2. Southern Blue



Dead Swans

жанры: hardcore
альбомы: Sleepwalkers
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 578 просмотров
Expressions drop through deadly silence, I'm bruised and broken from a lonely start and now you say you care so much but I know you can't see past yourself, I remember when we seemed so close but now you've changed and I know how this story ends, I never wanted your opinion, I never needed your fucking help, tender words with hidden meanings, awkward silence, hardly breathing, these dying days are getting longer and I'm running out of time, SOmetimes I question myself is this everything, all alone at night inside my head, wasting away is this all there is?  I've had too much time to think written songs that I'll never sing watched a town turn love to hate, spilt my guts just to be away, this is everything for now...
Это интересно:Dead Swans это пятеро парней из Великобритании, играющих хардкор.Дебютный EP Southern Blue был выпущен на виниле на Anchors Aweigh Records, а затем как CD на Thirty Days of Night Records. Также DS записали сплит совместно с друзьями из Architects.Ребята успели потурить по Европе и Великобритании в поддержку пластинки Southern Blue, а также по штатам с группой The Carrier.Дебютный лонгплей Sleepwalkers был выпущен в августе 2009 при помощи... продолжение
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