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Hey Nelson, Go Jump On The Garbage



альбомы: Turf Wars
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1242 просмотра
Wasted days
Time's never worth saving when all you have is hate
And now the drama unfolds and I'm not even scared
In fact I'm looking forward to seeing you when you fail

Hate for me
Is all you've got
Is all you've got, jealousy
Said fallaciously

We all know the truth
Can't live up to your expectations
As long as Heads Up crew likes our songs
We don't give a fuck if you hate them

So let me know
When we write a song that's "crucial"
Or are you too busy sitting at home
Hating on bands as usual

Get out your parents basement
And off the hardcore message boards
I'm sorry you're shitty band will never even go on tour

Hate for me
Is all you've got
Is all you've got, jealousy
Said fallaciously

Never give up on your dream
You never believed in me
A false hope is all I need

Another breath wasted trying to explain
I'm at my witts end I've got nothing to say
The choices made as memories fade
We'll still be here because we're here to stay
Это интересно:Daggermouth - канадская pop-punk/hardcore группа из Ванкувера. Они начали играть в начале 2004 и благодаря турам с такими группами, как Moneen и SNFU закрепили за собой твердую репутацию. Группа подписалась на Smallman Records и в конце 2005 выпустила свой дебютный альбом Stallone, затем они продолжили турить и уже в марте 2007 выпустили свой второй альбом Turf Wars.В ноябре 2008 вокалист Nick Leadlay сделал официальное заявление... продолжение
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