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The Beginning


DJ Krush

жанры: trip-hop, electronic, chillout
альбомы: Jaku
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1332 просмотра
So. relax and begin to imagine 
The impossible is possiblre 
Out from the darkness 
From the back end of the cosmos we call home 
I was brought forth into this world 
When the umbilical cord is cut 
In the midst of celebration 
What will I see amid
The first flash of light 
Those who are to be born 
We await you 
You have a brand new world before you 
Raised in a cradle 
Onto 2 feet 
Your neighborhood 
Your playground 
From nursery
To high school 
Family and friends 
We know your world will grow and grow 
Across oceans 
The himalaya 
All with different
Clouds above 
Lightning and rainbows 
The origin you reach at long last is a door
To the unknown 
Those who rule the mystery of this world are invisible to the eye 
Though the world may seem small 
To see what's beyond requires pure imagination 
Sunset on mars 
Saturn's rings and andromeda 
From galaxy to galaxy 
Overlapping episodes 
On the run 999 
You have never tasted defeat 
You go on forever 
The universe 
A floating zero 
Unchanged by addition 
Zero when multiplied 
A floating zero 
Unchrmged by addhion 
Zero when multiplied 

Maybe you find out someday just like I have 
I believe you will, so I can wait 
Among the weeds in the park 
You'll discover an anonymous ant 
He has his own world to look after 
I iook down on him lind can see it all 
I feel a kind of divinity in me 
Maybe it is in the mystery where inspiration dwells

That moment I realized 
The existence of something undefined 
Watching over me, the way I iooked at that ant 
It was brahman watching me from the rear of the universe 
And that ant too was
Watching me with its tiny eyes 
The sky and the earth 
Eternity and spirit 
Something boundlessly large is but
Immeasurably small 
In retrospect, today is just a fleeting moment 
And so will be my life 
The universe 
A floating zero 
Unchanged by addition 
Zero when
A tloating zero 
Unchanged by addition 
Zero when multiplied 

In retrospect, everything is just another dimension 
And it repeats itself 
At other times, the repetition is yet another dimension 

Maximize my iq 
Aim for the horizon 
And overthrow the tedium of knowing everything

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea 
Absolutely nothing 
Fly the enterprise on autopilot 
My bible is the cycle of destruction and rebirth 
Dead brain cells rust in my head

They spring to life on the surface of my notebook 
Admire the rhymes to the utmost 
Don' t desire to be free from desire 
You only find freedom when there is nothing you want 
But even so. obsession always clllls 
Grudgingly walk the w'ay of demons 
Where is wind born? 
Nobody ever asks 
As always, we all want to know everything 
There is no unsatisfying yet peaceful tomorrow 
It begins when it ends 
And the
Beginning never ends 
Innumerable stars shine 
The inevitable 
A dead man and a baby pass each other 
The dead man says. "have a good life"
The bab), answers, "have a good afterlife"

By some kind of fate 
What kind is vaguely obvious 
Nonetheless, tomorrow still comes 
I still get confused. cry and laugh

Wandering the planet 
No matter how far you go 
How much you run 
Or ride on the
Everything will be reset 
Nature and zero my commanders 
Unchanged by addition
Zero when multiiplied 
The beginning of all things fills this world 
The intersection at the end of a
Previous life 
Something that appears from nothing 
What's inevitable is that everything repeats
The universe 
A floating zero
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Это интересно:DJ Krush (Ishi Hideaki) родился в 1962-м году в Токио. Одаренный продюсер и ди-джей с превосходным вкусом, на протяжении многих лет он является признанным авторитетом на международной клубной сцене. В 1987 году он основал группу Krush Posse, которая отметилась многочисленными выступлениями на концертных площадках и телевидении и была признана лучшим хип-хоп проектом в Японии. Сольная... продолжение
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