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жанры: hardcore
альбомы: The Difference Between Hell and Home
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 579 просмотров
Born of two
Raised by four
I guess I took it all for granted
and only three remain
Even though you're wounded
I know that you're still here
I don't blame you
you just can't face the change
We spend out golden years as living ghosts
Caught in a constant state of purgatory
We are only burdened by our memories until the day they cease to exist
and we follow shortly after
Although I wonder if at any time
our minds fell upon the same plane
I know they did
I just wish I had a chance to go back and appreciate it
But we'll always have the winter
and the snow that got trapped behind the glass
you may be only a shell of the man that you used to be
but I love you just the same
and I will until the day you're gone
I just never know if I'm communicating with you or the disease
And even though I curse the idea of an afterlife
I still hope you're taken care of
you deserve to be at peace
Please don't forget my face
I won't forget to remember you
Это интересно:Существует как минимум 5 групп с точно таким же названием.Counterparts (Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore) - квинтет из Гамильтона, провинции Онтарио, Канада. Ребята сформировались в 2007 году. В марте 2009 стартовал тур по Канаде. В феврале 2010 вышел дебютный альбом Prophets, который содержал в себе 11 великолепнейших треков. С этим альбомом Counterparts быстро... продолжение
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