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"Chance the Rapper"
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"Chance the Rapper"
  1. Acid Rap

Good Ass Intro


Chance the Rapper

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Acid Rap
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 859 просмотров
[Hook - BJ The Chicago Kid]
Even better than I was the last time baby
Oh oh oh oh ooh
Yo we back
I'm good, so good
And we back and we back[Verse 1]
Raps just make me anxious and acid made me crazy
Them squares just made me looser and that wax just made me lazy
And I still make this song, and I'mma make another
If you ever actually hit me, better watch out for my brother
Better bet I'd take that deal, gotta watch out for my mother
Get a watch with all that glitters, come in clutters, different colors
Ben A Baller, Benford, butlers, chauffeurs, hit a stain-er, did I stutter?
Did a ton of drugs and did better than all my Alma mater
Motherfucker money dance, hundreds zan, gallon lean
Make a joke bout Leno's hair then piggy back on Fallon's spleen
Balancing on sporadicity and fucking pure joy
Nightly searches for a bed and I just came off tour with Troy
But I can't complain I got some motherfucking business
How many lab partners have I fucked since I got suspended?
Mr. Bennett, you done did it, you did it, you did it
You did a good ass job, you did a good ass job
And I'm good[Hook][Verse 2]
Work, work, work, work, bang nigga, bang
Twerk, twerk, merge, swerve, dang, pick a lane
Flip a bird; pigeon, plane, it's a word, it's a shame
But God I'm good, swear I couldn't be better
Kicking dirt on the shirts of the lames
Keep a tab on my exes, keep some "x" on my tongue
Keep my work out in Texas, that's just me flexing my lungs
See them showing they teeth, that's just them flapping they gums
If they bite and I'm snapping clap clap collapsing they lungs
Call me Chancellor The Rapper, please say "The Rapper"
Magical word (poof), please say 'Kadabra
Replay the replays; Green Bay, the Packers
Cremate your teammates and freebase the ashes
Matches to gas leaks, dusted dusk till dawn
It's just us, and trust ya bottom bitch, might stuff the fucking bong
I'm the motherfucking fucker, fuck a niggas fucking dumb
This your favorite fucking album and ain't even fucking done
Это интересно:Ча́нселор Бе́ннетт (Chancelor Bennett; 16 апреля 1993, Чатем) — американский рэпер, выступающий под псевдонимом Chance the Rapper. К настоящему времени он выпустил два микстейпа 10 Day и Acid Rap.БиографияВ четвёртом классе Беннетт стал победителем конкурса пародий на Майкла Джексона и тогда же решил стать рэпером, находясь под влиянием дебютного альбома Канье Уэста. В 2011 году он обнародовал... продолжение
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