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"Caladan Brood"
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"Caladan Brood"
  1. Echoes of Battle

Echoes of Battle


Caladan Brood

альбомы: Echoes of Battle
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 747 просмотров
There is a deep pathos here
A monumental sorrow
Blood has stained this ground
The very land itself a barrowThe echoes of battle ring cold through the ages
The moon shines on old dunes, awakening ancient hatredsSwords held high to the desert sky at such great a cost
Standards fly above funeral pyres
Victory and loss
We are strong, but when the day is done we are left bereaved
Marching on to the battle drum
Triumph and defeatBehold the storming flood of iron
Destruction wrought there upon the field
A host of warriors fall, never to return
Their epitaph a song of steelEmpires built upon the bones of those who stood beside us
The sun has set eternally into the dark
And we have seen the fields of war steal the lives of sons and brothers
The iron heart of glory beats a hollow dirge
The gods of battle rise and fall but the thirst for blood lives on
The Wolves of Winter rise and howl for honour's debt
The sands forever greedily consume the blood of friends and fathers
The gates of Hood will open wide with dreams of deathThere is a deep pathos here
A monumental sorrow
Blood has stained this ground
The very land itself a barrow
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Это интересно:Американская группа из Солт-Лейк-Сити, штат Юта, играющая музыку в жанре Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal. Создана она была двумя музыкантами, известными как Shield Anvil и Mortal Sword, в 2008 году. Название проекта позаимствовано из серии фантастических романов Стивена Эриксона "Малазанская книга павших", коими ребята вдохновляются в процессе написания своих песен. Каладан Бруд - один из персонажей, который... продолжение
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