Friends Of Mine



жанры: punk
альбомы: Time's Up, Spiral Scratch
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 669 просмотров
Rita spits out her laurel leaf
and grabs a piece of my pie
she's gonna lead me up the mountain path
as the crows flyClaudette's pretty quick off the mark
like a polaris missile in heat
she smiles at a hundred miles an hour
and rushes you off your feetThere's all these friends of mine
they've got me suffering
they don't take a line
they keep me pissing adrenalinRatty is nearly unique
looks like a Pre-Raphaelite barb freak
wears dangerous jewellery
got a cast iron personalitySandie wears an awful lot of silk
says she's a friend of Mr Acker Bilk
she's going out of my mind
wants to live on milkThere's all these friends of mine ...I was musing on the pool outdoors
about foreign matters and fancy affairs
Betty trimmed my nails with pliers
while eating avocado pearsNorman's sobbing cos his make-up's
running away with itself
he's heading for an early grave
scared to death about the state of his healthThere's all these friends of mine ...
Это интересно:20 июля 1976 года состоялось первое выступление одного из наиболее влиятельных коллективов в истории британского панк-рока и альтернативной музыки. Buzzcocks тогда в составе Pete Shelley (гитара, вокал, настоящее имя Peter McNeish, 17.04.1955, экс-Jets of Air) Howard Devoto (Howard Trafford, вокал), Steve Diggle (бас-гитара) и John Maher (ударные) разогревали ошалевшую манчестерскую публику перед выступлением Sex... продолжение
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