Poor Ellen Smith


Buzz Busby

жанры: bluegrass
альбомы: The Appalachian Way - Roots Of Bluegrass
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1243 просмотра
Poor Ellen Smith, how was she found
Shot through the heart lying cold on the ground
Her body was mangled, and all cast around
A blood marks the spot where poor Ellen was foundThey picked up her body, and carried it away
Now she's a-sleepin' in some lonesome grave
Who had the heart, and who had the brain
To shoot my little darling on that cold lonesome plainThey picked up their rifles, and hunted us down
They found us a loafin' all around town
The judge my convict me, and God knows he can
But I know I died as an innocent manI've been in this prison for seven long years
Each night I see Ellen through my bitter tears
I got a letter yesterday I read it today
The flowers on her grave have all faded awayThe warden just told me that soon I'll be free
To go to her grave 'neath that old willow tree
I'm free from the walls of that prison, at last
But I'll never be free from my sins of the pastPoor Ellen Smith, how was she found
Shot through the heart lying cold on the ground
Это интересно:The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers (1938- 1966) - это ранняя bluegrass група, которая состояла из так называемого "первого поколения" bluegrass-исполнителей, таких как Ezra Cline, Bobby Osborne, Paul Williams, Melvin Goins, Charlie Cline, Curly Ray Cline, Larry Richardson и на некоторое время Jimmy Martin. Группу основали Ezra Cline и Curly Ray Cline. Первое время банда носила название "Cousin Ezra and the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers".
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