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Rise to the Challenge


Asian Dub Foundation

жанры: dub, electronic, trip-hop
альбомы: Time Freeze The Best Of
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 755 просмотров
Rise to the challenge
Time is a ticking, so you'd better start linking
Energies surging, vision is blurring
Maybe you're feeling you're not up to scratch
Maybe you're feeling that now you've met your matchYou find it hard to know where to begin
When discontent is spreading its wings
Stand by your belief and have faith in this sound
You know that you can always turn it aroundFeel the rhythm and its healing remedy
Listen to the sweet melody
Feel the rhythm and its healing remedy
Rise to the challengeKeep risin', you know we rinse on
Turn negative to positive with a natural vibe
Believe in yourself and rinse out the mind
The tongue and the hand moving different directionsTurn this disconnection into interconnection
Feel the rhythm and its healing remedy
Listen to the sweet melody
Feel the rhythm and its healing remedyRise to the challenge
How can you live your life with no enthusiasm
Or else you fall so deep
Rearrange all the thoughts you like to hold back
Jump across the track
'Cause we on the attack
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Это интересно:Asian Dub Foundation не забыли тех времен, когда музыка была не служанкой для масс, а оружием социального протеста. Этот коллектив, считающийся одной из самых «заполитизированных» групп мира, занял достойное место в ряду других борцов за свободу и права человека - Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy и Beastie Boys.Asian Dub Foundation - детище выходцев из... продолжение
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