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"A$AP Rocky"
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Wild for the Night


A$AP Rocky

жанры: hip-hop, rap, dubstep
альбомы: Long.Live.A$AP, LONG.LIVE.A$AP
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 730 просмотров
[Verse 1: ASAP Rocky]
Wake up feelin' blessed up,
Pistol on that dresser,
Ain't afraid to show it, I'll expose it if I dress up,
Ridin' in that Testa-
Rossa, nigga, catch up,
Sippin' on that syrup till I'm messed up like "yes, sir".
So now I'm gettin' change, people lookin' at me strange,
Like nigga switchin' lanes, never changed, still the same,
We fuck bitches, get paper, you fuck niggas on papers,
We walk around with lasers, you probably own some tasers,
Lame niggas disgrace us, they girlfriends want date us,
Got different hoes, I'm pimpin' hoes,
You could tell by my pay stubs,
My niggas gettin' right, smokin' weed with dirty Sprite,
Goin' wild for the night, fuck bein' polite.
Finna wild out for the weekend,
Me, myself, and I my three friends,
Nigga feelin' froggy, then leap in, ASAP niggas finnna sneak in,
Middle finger to the critics, me and my nigga Skrillex,
You know, we finna kill it, ASAP, we the trillest.
You don't really want that Glock, boy,
You don't really wanna feel them shots, boy,
You a B boy, I'm a block boy,
I'm a D boy, I'm a hot boy,
Six shots got me feelin' like Pac, boy
Party all night, shit don't stop, boy,
Drunk as fuck and I'm ready to fight,
Wildin' for the night, fuck bein' polite, boy.

[Hook: x4]
Wild for the night, fuck bein' polite!
I'm goin'...

[Verse 2: A Rocky]
It's the weekend, and I'm creepin' with my niggas,
Drunk and disrespectful, callin' women bitches,
I don't mean no harm but won't you and your friends
Meet us in the cut and we can do the business?
God my witness, that I only wanna kick it,
And yo girl just said, they with us,
So we rollin' in them Benzes.
Won't you pour it up and stop the babysittin'?
She got drunk as fuck and swallowed all my kids.
Back to the mat', tats on her back,
Ass so fat, hit that from the back,
When it clap from the back, she clappin' it back,
She flat on her back, and it's back to the trap.
Fuck yo pack, ASAP where it's at,
Fuck nigga act, get clap lay flat,
Fuck yo dreams, even fuck niggas dream,
Then you sleep, and you won't come back from the nap.
Benjamin three stack, it's a fact, she lives in my lap,
On my OutKast, daddy fat, bitches on my sack,
And, you know, them soak, and bitches rollin' reefer, got me open,
Wildin' to the morning with my homies, tell ‘em where we goin'.

[Hook: 4x]
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Это интересно:Раким Майерс (Rakim Mayers), более известный как A$AP Rocky — американский рэпер.Родился 3 октября 1988 года в Гарлеме и был назван в честь рэпера Ракима. Когда ему было 12 лет, его отец попал в тюрьму за торговлю наркотиками. Год спустя старший брат был убит возле своего дома, что побудило Майерса всерьёз заняться рэпом. Он начал читать рэп в возрасте 8 лет, был поклонником... продолжение
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