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"Баста / Гуф"
  1. Личное дело
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  3. Как есть
  4. Другая волна
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"Баста / Гуф"
  1. Баста / Гуф

Личное дело


Баста / Гуф

альбомы: Баста / Гуф
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 545 просмотров
Текст не соответствует правилам портала
This is your private affair
Where to turn : right or left
Move forward or stay here
That nobody fuck , you yourself choose route

This ... This is your private affair
Than to get drunk - cognac or Puer
Smoking wilted or hay bespontovoe
With thin menthol or Camel soldier

This ... This is your private affair
What topic to deal with this inadequate brow
The Contract for try to stay safe
Or get the bat and break his knee

This ... This is your private affair
Comply with the rules or drive on lawlessness
After passing through a red light , you can leave white
But it is your private affair

The rapper , a football fan, Gopnik , antifascist
Student, punk or emo
Rastafarian athlete or Komersant
And careers - it's your own business

Whose portrait hung on the wall
Einstein or Pamela Eminem
Captain Nemo , Lenin , or Nelson Mandela Cobain
This is your private affair

Pringles or Estrella ,
Mikkelandzhelo or Donatello, Muscat or Isabella
Suluguni or Mozzarella
Cayenne or Panamera - it's your own business

Calm nerves or speed or the first
To stop or to the extent
This is your private affair
This is your private affair

This is a private matter
Accept what comes or ... or go for theft
Hope for or charged batyu
In fact, the card will fall , everyone's business !

Who show themselves as one
Their crowd , you have two garages for Rams
Or run , or stay pals
Private matter , decide for yourself

Obsessive dream of green pieces of paper , or
An example of how life is lived senior
On their own or someone else's or the go-ahead
By itself or in general or harness

Democrats or our Dima or Vova , Piggy or Ñòåïàøêà ,
Have an opinion or a total of Hawa bucket ,
At its end, or to , or you dance your and our ,
Fuss for the truth in court or kalashikom .

States ... or still Russia
Behind the wheel or in the trunk
Slugger nested grandmother , or a grandmother slugger tower

Private matter
Proud of their neighborhood and gray five-story building
Or ride on ushim , saying " I grew up on the patriarch"
At the Ponds ? Well, hello to you from our

Cap, cap , hat , helmet or panama
Prison robe or flannel pajamas
Zhanna Friske or Okudzhava
Freelance artist or genre ... or victim

Pretend to be a prime or Bobby is charging
Who will say so and go to bed
Shnyagi be diluted or stay nebodyazhennym
Cherish love or betray it with pooch

This is a personal matter
Live to the fullest , or low budget
Or swim in a quiet ... or full Courage
Personal matter ..... good luck!
Это интересно:Два представителя отечественного хип-хопа объединились, чтобы зарифмовать события своей жизни. Результатом совместной работы Басты и Гуфа в этом году стала целая пластинка фактически без названия, в простом сером буклете – «БАСТА / ГУФ 2010».За обложкой прячется диск с более чем насыщенным материалом. Альбом получился по-настоящему документальным, сплетая биографии сразу двух героев... продолжение
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