Uriah Heep

жанры: 70s
альбомы: Easy Livin' - The Singles A's & B's, Demons And Wizards
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1204 просмотра
This version has slightly different lyrics than 'the lansdowne tapes' versionThought of no tomorrow
The pain, tears and sorrow
And you never told me why
The way you cheated
And mistreated
I could never ask you whyWell, I'm gonna find out
I'm gonna find out
What's been messing up your mind
Messing up your mindWell, I've been through
Some changes
Now I'm leaving
While me mind rearranges
Why I'm grieving
I don't mean that you hurt me
Or deceived me
For I know that you're there
And you need me
You sure do
But I hope you can't see how it is
I can't stay any longer
I've got to goIs there any true reason
Or anything I can explain
Can't we talk about it baby
And get together again
You see I have the feeling
That this isn't the end
And I feel knowing
On you I depend
I depend on youI'm gonna find out, yes I am
I'm gonna find out
What it is that's been
Messing up your mindWell, I said that I love you
And I need you
Then it means I am yours
Yes, I belong to youBut I just can't be certain
That you love me too
Well, I've got to know
If I can believe in you
Please believe my heart is yours
I can't stay any longer
I've got to goPerhaps it's best for us
To stay together
And try to live our lives as one
And maybe we will find
We're still together
To watch the setting of the sun
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Это интересно:Uriah Heep (Юра́я Хип) — одна из самых успешных хард-рок групп в истории музыки, образованная в 1969 году в Лондоне, заимствовавшая название у персонажа романа Чарльза Диккенса «Дэвид Копперфильд». Первый состав группы сформировался, когда продюсер Джерри Брон пригласил клавишника Кена Хенсли (англ. Kenneth William David Hensley; 24 августа 1945, Лондон, Англия) присоединиться к участникам Spice. Во всём мире продано... продолжение
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