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"Urge Overkill"
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"Urge Overkill"
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Urge Overkill

жанры: rock
альбомы: Saturation
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 460 просмотров
What's the matter with you, you've been down all day?
What happened to you to make you feel that way?
Baby, ain't that a shame when they call you those names
Dropping out from school, guess, it wasn't so coolEveryone, everyone needs some space to breathe
All the time we have been blind, so blind, yeah
We just couldn't see it, yeah, you're too old to cry, too young to die
What happens in the in between? Don't you think it's strange?Things just change, it's just a burnt out town a burnt out scene
You've been a dropout ever since you've been seventeen
Lonely child when will you see? You need to be free
Often times people they find, they're not blind
Yeah, they just don't see lonely child listen to meIt's just a burnt out town, it's just a one horse scene
Gotta get away, gotta get away, you got to
Hanging out in the parking lot at dairy queen
You've been a dropout ever since you've been seventeen
Gotta get away, gotta get away, you got to
Это интересно:Urge Overkill, cтиль: Alternative Punk Создателями этой группы являются двое жителей одного из пригородов Чикаго: Нэш Като (Натан Катрууд) и Эдди "Кинг" Розер. Название для своего совместного проекта, появившегося в 1985 году, они позаимствовали из песни группы "Parliament". Первым ударником "Urge overkill" был Джек Уотт, но он пробыл в коллективе недолго и положил начало чехарде барабанщиков, длившейся... продолжение
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