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"The 1975"
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The 1975

жанры: electronic
альбомы: The 1975
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1245 просмотров
"Well I only brought 3, what you lookin' at me for?"
She's dressed in white and putting off crying."Well you're the best man, so what's the plan?
Why don't you talk to Matty about it?"I said, "I only brought 3 like I told you before,
We're gonna have to ask about."Free bar, that's the point.
Spilling Amaretto 'cause of previous joints.
I'm sitting with a girl, fortunate placing.
Preceding railing racket off a porcelain basin.
Who's he? Giving it the lips?
I've never seen him knockin' about.
He looks just like me, but 6 foot 3,
So I reckon you could knock him out."Well, I think I'll say a couple of words if you don't mind...
I never really got on with your bird the first time
I met her out, dressed in nowt, telling everybody you were shagging about."Well, who's this? Going for the kiss,
I'm probably gonna yosh in your mouth.
Because it's 3:05, I can hardly see and I'm on the verge of passing out.
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Это интересно:Обласканные вниманием британских музыкальных СМИ новички из Манчестера The 1975 – одно из самых интересных свежих лиц местной инди-сцены. “Sex”, исполненный в лучших традициях шугейза далеких 90-х, пропитан нетерпеливыми вокальными партиями и ярким синтезаторным звучанием при поддержке индастриал-ритмики. Они записали четыре ЕР перед тем как выпустить свой дебютный альбом. The 1975 был выпущен... продолжение
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