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  1. Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp

Bringing the Phonk



жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 664 просмотра
Mhm, Mhm
Xan with that lean is the combination, forever
You lil' bitch

[Verse 1: Robb Bank$]
And this goes to my bodied hoes and my niggas
My SS savages are my killers
And them crackers that tried to put me on papers when they drinking
So stop acting I'll be your big break off of you, broke nigga
Because when I see you its all smiles and laughs like the opening credits
So make that trunk thunderclap and I bet that you was gon' condensate
And I make it rain, and I can handle it
Florida Boy I done dealt with hurricanes, shit
And you was thick fine hustle, no pants but knock the ash off
And run yourself a mineral bath while me and Purrp in the bathsalt
She takes the twitpic's, I can tell from her avatar that she suck dick
How can fire Legend of Korra ass niggas get me out my element (shit)
KDia pocket tee, don't drag mud on my bitches name tag
So I'mma snap if my shone cover-up (?)
Cancel paper out the black, prescription pad up in my glass
Cancer in my lungs my nigga, rest in peace (?)
You mighty mouse niggas taking cheese from the trap
I see your ass is into Ti$a, but a nigga can't afford this Stray Rats, shit
Fuck you, fuck your clique, fuck your momma, I raped your bitch
Fuck with me, get your ass popped trying to fuck with Screech
I'm in a M3
And you ain't sippin' lean that shits from Walgreens
Look like a white back drop when I lit off 10 shots in my (?)
Me and my connect has done some business
I put my chickens with his biscuits
And that's and eye for an eye considering that these bitches is watching
Grown man and they know to look a real nigga in his eye
Hoping that all these chicken heads give up breast and thighs for Kentucky Fried

And I don't fuck with the plugs from out of town
I only move work back home
And take my keys go fill my prescription
If that's my connect don't answer the phone, no no, no
I tell em' I ain't on that
RIP Lil Phat
In his memory bring it back

Like Beyonce, like Trina
Like a big booty ass black Diva
Like a light Skin Diamond
Or like KDia
They know, let me see that from the back
Like that, like that, bounce that ass like that
Like that, bend over let me see it from the back
Like that, like that, pop that pussy like that
We don't fuck with the other side, so we straight like that

[Verse 2: SpaceGhostPurrp]
I got to get money my nigga so why would you bother
To hate on me wait and see me falling
Okay, Alcoholic
I'm drinking my liquor in Bal Harbour I'm ballin'
I'm living the life, by takin' yo wife, she callin' Everyday
In a coffin, waking up wit two bad bitches no yawning my nigga I'm lurking
Got gems, diamonds, she twerking on me
Mystical verses
Similar to a haunted mansion she dancing, romancing
My style is enhancing to a whole 'nother level
The intergalactical verse Marion lick her lips
While she rolling in the whip, life's a trip
I am a rebel
Repping Raider Klan niggas we devils
Better understand that I am the man of the land, from the Blackland all the way to Japan
B R to the K
Me and my nigga Robb be bringing the phonk no time to play
What can I say, my flow is fucking cray
Money, Power, Respect
Fucking these bitches like everyday

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