Valley Of Death


Rick Ross

жанры: rap
альбомы: Deeper Than Rap
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1311 просмотров
[Hook: LaTonya Givens]
If I could leave this place
With a smile on my face
I'd give up everything
Just to make you happy
But we both know - oh, oh, oh!
This ain't how live goes
We could build our own world
But the streets keep callin' me[Rick Ross - talking over LaTonya]
The meek shall inherit the earth
That's what The Bible says
I need it![Rick Ross]
Walk like a giant, talk like a tyrant
Faith of a mustard seed, destined for a triumph
David or Goliath, hate me or admire
Kush burns slow, as I chase my desire
Embrace my empire - Batty Boy, eat fire!
Guns like choirs, when they sing, "Keep quiet!"
"Will I get to heaven?" Turn to Psalm 27
Lord knows when I see this Monkey, I'mma be The Devil
Beat him cause I'm clever, beat him at whatever
You never was a G
Nigga, Unit mean together!
New York unified, Down South love that
When we got to shine - "Muthafuckas, where the love at?"
Real niggas Getting Money, better log off
Think the game's dead now?
Now imagine when your dog gone, imagine when the song gone
When you phone off, there's only one to call on![Hook][Rick Ross - talking over LaTonya Givens]
I mean, if I die today
I could honestly say
Thank you, Lord!
Thank you, Lord!
Thank you, Lord![Rick Ross]
I'm bigger than a title, bigger than a name
You could label we the biggest label in the game
Put food on the table, fed the whole city
Tell me who be the fool if The Feds come get me? (What?)
Fetty isn't better, when you're called a trendsetter
When world's so cold, hope you got a little sweater
Caught a little case, but he had a little cheddar
Played-out to fifteen, poured his life in a letter
Very first line, he called Trick Daddy stupid
Say he got AIDS, tellin' people that it's lupus
Not the one just to jump to conclusions
I'm getting money, small talk could be a nuisance
Both chains, reminiscing to them nooses
Sittin' on deuces, new Land-Cruisers (BOSS!)
Who the fuck you callin' losers?
You niggas losin - look like you could use us![Hook][Rick Ross - talking over LaTonya Givens]
When I bought my first Run DMC vinyl
And my first 2 Live Crew cassette
I would've cried if I knew where I'm at today
Took me forty minutes to walk that abide[Rick Ross]
Call your boy a C.O., but if I really was
When all these niggas undercover fuckin' niggas up?
Keep it Trilla - nigga, never had a gun and badge!
Kept a nice watch, smokin' on a hundred sacks
Back in the day, I sold crack for some nice kicks
Skippin' school I saw my friend stabbed with an icepick
Young nigga, fifteen with three seeds
From that very day, I carried on the three C's
Can't criticize niggas tryin' to get jobs
Better get smart - young brother, live yours!
Only live once and I got two kids
And for me to feed them, I'd get two gigs!
I'd shovel shit, I'd C.O
So we can bow our head and pray over the meatloaf
I'm looking at the big picture
Keep a bitch wit'cha, tryin' to get a bit richer[Hook][Rick Ross - talking over LaTonya]
I remember praying for...
For me just to get the...
The opportunity...
To have a record deal
And now I sign artists
Thank you, Lord!
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Это интересно:Rick Ross, наст. имя Уильям Леонард Робертс Второй (англ. William Leonard Roberts II, 28 января 1976 Кэрол-Сити, Флорида) — американский хип-хоп исполнитель. Создатель звукозаписывающего лейбла Maybach Music Group, который с 2008 года входит в состав Def Jam Recordings.Когда Росс учился в старших классах средней школы Кэрол-Сити, он играл в американский футбол, а позднее учился на футбольную стипендию в Государственном... продолжение
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