Rick Ross

жанры: hip-hop
альбомы: Port Of Miami
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Ooh, now you are one lucky nigger,
You gotta listen to your boss, white boy.
Oh, I'm gonna walk in the moonlight with you,
You wanna hold my hand?

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
I need a hundred black coffins for a hundred bad men,
A hundred black graves so I can lay they ass in,
I need a hundred black preachers, with a black sermon to tell
From a hundred black Bibles, while we send them all to hell.
I need a hundred black coffins, black coffins, black coffins, (Oh, Lord!)
I need a hundred black coffins, black coffins, black coffins. (Oh, Lord!)
Black coffins! (I need a hundred...)

[Verse 1:]
I seen a hundred niggas die,
I put that on my life, Lord, I wouldn't tell a lie,
Unless it had to do with mine in the middle of the night
Killers coming for you life, all you wanna do is shine?
I broke off the chains, only the realest remain,
I see you praying to Jesus, but will that help ease the pain?
Seen a brother get slain for a jar full of change,
Yet I post on the block, look like I'm Big Daddy Kane.
Is you a cat or a mouse? Keep them rats out the house,
A lotta scars on my back, get tattoes all around,
Hundred dead bitches, hundred black coffins,
Money on his head, bitch, I'm trying to make a fortune.


[Verse 2:]
I seen a hundred women burn,
As they stood firm, treat a nigga like a germ.
What did she do to deserve? Put me on the farm.
Pigs' feet in a jar, serve it to me warm;
Any questions, they hang ‘em, better pray for Django.
Got me working in fields, too many years it gets fatal,
All I want is my woman, such a wonderful mother. (Mama!)
On the days that it rains her smile bright like a summer,
Our revenge is the sweetest, bitch, ‘cause I'm coming,
Gonna die in my arms for what you did to my mother.
(My mama!)
Hundred dead bitches, (Lord!) hundred black coffins, (Why?)
12 gauge shotgun, chest full of carbon (Boom-boom).


*  Саундтрек к фильму "Джанго освобождённый".
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Это интересно:Rick Ross, наст. имя Уильям Леонард Робертс Второй (англ. William Leonard Roberts II, 28 января 1976 Кэрол-Сити, Флорида) — американский хип-хоп исполнитель. Создатель звукозаписывающего лейбла Maybach Music Group, который с 2008 года входит в состав Def Jam Recordings.Когда Росс учился в старших классах средней школы Кэрол-Сити, он играл в американский футбол, а позднее учился на футбольную стипендию в Государственном... продолжение
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