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"Puff Daddy"
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Mad Rapper


Puff Daddy

альбомы: Forever
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 562 просмотра
And welcome back from that commercial break
I found out some, please, ladies and gentlemen
Hold your applause please, can you please hold your applause?
I found out somethin' very interestingThe mad producer, he's not really that mad
He, Mr.Producer can you please tell us
Why you're not really that mad?
Would I be tellin' you shit though?You can't make it up, sayin'
TV you know what I'm sayin' what's up for real
(Gentlemen please)Yo I gotta tell you somethin' for real
What up? What up?
The niggaz got chedda dog and I did
A track on Mase's album and I ain't gonna lie, for real
[Incomprehensible]Naw naw you can't be talkin' like that son for real
The niggaz don't you know what I'm say they be raisin'
Naw son nawI'm sorry dog for real yo but, man dog
That kid Mase he be doin' his thing yo
What you mean he be doin' his thing?
I know they be doin' their what?What I don't be doin' my thing?
Millie Vanilli did they thing
New Kid's on the Block, RuPaul
All them bitches and everybody else did they thingAnd you ain't do no tracks on them
What happened to my track? You give 'em my shit?
You gave 'em my shit?
You gave 'em send 'em to the fuckin' projectsYou gave 'em all 'em shit son?
How could you do that?
I'm the jolliest nigga you know, son
How could you do that to me, son? Damn
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Это интересно:Имя: Sean John Combs.Псевдонимы: P. Diddy / Puff Daddy.Дата и место рождения: 4 ноября 1970 года, Гарлем, Нью-Йорк.Sean John Combs родился в Гарлеме, 4 ноября 1970 года, вырос в Маунт Верноне, Нью-Йорк. В детстве, играя в футбол, он сильно пыхтел из-за чего и получил прозвище Puffy.В возрасте 18 лет, Шон поступил в Howard University, где он проводил большую часть своего времени, проводя вечеринки. Он мечтал стать рэппером.... продолжение
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