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The Remains of the Day



жанры: post-rock, instrumental, ambient, japanese
альбомы: You Are There
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1153 просмотра
(verse 1) Hey! Give me a listen, you corpses of cheer. least less of you who still got an ear, I'll tell 'ya a story, make your skeleton cry, of our own judiciously lovely corpse bride.
Die, die we all pass away, but don't wear a frown 'cuz it's really okay. You might try n' hide, and you might try n' pray, but we all end up the remains of the day. Die die die yeah yeah, die die die..Well!
Are girl is a beauty known for miles around. A mysterious stranger came into town. He was plenty good lookin' but down on his cash, and our poor little baby she fell hard and fast, when her daddy said no, she just couldn't cope, so our lovers came up with a plan to elope(repeat chorus)die die die yeah yeah 3x(Verse 3)yeah, so they conjured up a plan to meet late at night, they told not a soul kept the whole thing tight. Now her mother's wedding dress fit like a glove, you don't need much when you're really in love. Except for a few things or so I'm told, like the family jewels and a satchel of gold.Then next to the graveyard by the old oak tree, on a dark foggy night at a quarter to three, she was ready to go, but where was he?....(Then?) she waited
(Then?) there in the shadows, was it a man?
(And then?) Her little heart beat sooo loud!
(And THEN?) then baby, everything went black.
Now when she opened her eyes, she was dead as dust, her jewels were missin' and her heart was bust, so she made a vow lyin' under that tree that she'd wait for her true love to come set her free. Always waitin' for someone to ask for her hand, when outta the blue comes this groovy young man, who vows forever, to be by her side, and that's the story of our own, corpse bride (Repeat chorus)
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Это интересно:Mono (Япония) - группа из четырёх участников, играющая пост-рок, и активная как в Японии, так и за её пределами. Отчасти благодаря многочисленным и продолжительным турам по Европе и Америке группа и завоевала тысячи поклонников по всему миру.Бесконечными песнями и тонкими нитями мелодий, они напоминают некоторых гигантов жанра, таких как Mogwai и Sigur Rós, при этом группа придает своим песням... продолжение
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