жанры: post-rock, beautiful
альбомы: For My Parents
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[CHORUS: repeat 2X]
Just ride, feel that vibe
Y'all get live ladies, we gon' party now!
Just ride, feel that vibe
Y'all get live niggaz, we gon' party now!

Man, I remember when hip-hop was all about partyin'
And any place it played was a spot to move your body in
Started in the park and it had everybody droppin' in
Now brothers wanna squeeze it of its life and try to darken it
With boring ass raps, when nobody is hearing it
Soundin' like they the method for a science experiment
Y'all heads ain't been around to see what Dan has seen
After writing lyrics, we used to make dance routines
'Member the House Party scene when Kid 'N' Play was battlin'?
And after when the rappin' end, they gave each other dap again
Then they started scatterin' cuz nothing really mattered then
Except the jaw jabberin' with ladies just to dance with them
Dudes with dap was based on who could rap
And who could best imitate the moves of Scoob & Scrap
So while you choose to chat about how much you were a baller
We would argue over who's high top fade was taller
When designs were in, on my head, I shaved a heart
And told your girl, she's the reason for the way it was carved
If you miss the way hip-hop used to sound
Gather everyone you know, cuz yo...
We gon' party now!


Man, I remember when hip-hop was all about the positive
When topics of our songs were socially provocative
Racism was targeted as something to discard but it
Seems today hatred is the way hip-hop is marketed
Too many rappers talkin' shit, what's they malfunction?
Over ten years later, we still headed for self-destruction
Gangsta rap, not many MC's would try
That's why, to this day, we say peace instead of goodbye
A tradition that's been conditioned from back in the days
When in school, for class projects I'd be rappin' for A's
Braggin' always how we could change the world with a tune
But now I can't watch a video when mom's in the room
I hope it's gone soon cuz everybody's shootin' and killin'
And braggin' about it, I swear rappers are the stupidest villains
Dude, it was ill when cats like Rakim and Kane slammed
When the West Coast All-Stars were in the same gang
When X-Clan jams made a vex man dance
Arms crossed, legs apart is how you'd check Dan's stance
If you hate the road hip-hop's going down
Join the Mono man dem because....
We gon' party now!


Man, I remember when hip-hop was all about battlin'
Except it didn't involve the death of a rapper then
Ain't no need for scrappin' man, they was makin' classic jams
Wars of words to prove no one was in a class with them
To be mic champions' where real props stand
Or battlin' for a name like them two Roxannes
LL and Kool Moe Dee, Juice Crew and BDP
But it seems today the battle is the world against me
Cuz nobody cares about lyrics, what used to be wack
Is what everybody seems to be pickin' up off the rack
Rappers rhymin' so soft, they should be one of the Spices
Somehow people support the modern day Vanilla Ices
Usin' devices like clothing seemingly priceless
The fame I might miss, but I must keep comin' with niceness
Cuz I ain't tryin' to be one of hip-hop's clowns
Keep it raw even when I roar...
We gon' party now!


It's hip-hop y'all, to the top y'all
It don't stop y'all, it goes on and on...(x4)
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Это интересно:Mono (Япония) - группа из четырёх участников, играющая пост-рок, и активная как в Японии, так и за её пределами. Отчасти благодаря многочисленным и продолжительным турам по Европе и Америке группа и завоевала тысячи поклонников по всему миру.Бесконечными песнями и тонкими нитями мелодий, они напоминают некоторых гигантов жанра, таких как Mogwai и Sigur Rós, при этом группа придает своим песням... продолжение
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