In Love with a View


Mojave 3

жанры: shoegaze, indie, mellow
альбомы: Excuses For Travellers
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1201 просмотр
I had a plan 
That was built on thinking to long 
Canadian winters 
At home with your sisters 
the romance was hard to ignore 
You were beautiful
I was happy to fall
So happy to fall
I remember you searching 
I thought you were searching 
that´s how I picked up the phone 
Happy to hear you remembered the view 
So glad to assume it was fate 
I thought at the time it was clear
I thought at the time it was clear
So I stood at the station 
With a plan and a pocket of poems 
Heroically tragic 
Bearded and blind with obsession 
I´m a car without hope 
Too close to the ditch to go far 
I showed you my field 
I said this is my field
But you weren´t impressed 
You said why are we here
Your motives are clear 
In this room with a view 
and so much of you
is so far from here 
it's so far from here
it's so far from here
it's so far from here
Oh my heart
It just fell apart 
And i wished I could show you 
The same view 
of you by the window and me
feeling fine 
And me just feeling fine 
Yeah me just feeling fine
Это интересно:Mojave 3 - британская группа, в состав которой входят Нил Халстед, Рэйчел Госуэлл, Саймон Роу, Алан Форрестер и Йен Маккачен. Халстед, Госуэлл и Маккачен до этого играли в небезызвестной шугейз-группе Slowdive.Вначале в группе было трое человек: вышеупомянутые Халстед, Госуэлл и Маккачен. Когда Slowdive выгнали с Creation Records, трио решило поменять свой стиль на кантри/фолк/дрим-поп, и подписалось на... продолжение
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