Missed the Boat


Modest Mouse

жанры: indie, alternative, rock
альбомы: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 979 просмотров
While we're on the subject
Could we change the subject now?
I was knocking on your ears
Don't worry you were always outLooking towards the future
We were begging for the past
Well, we know we had the good things
But those never seemed to last
Oh, please just lastEveryone's unhappy
Everyone's ashamed
Well, we all just got caught looking
At somebody else's pageWell, nothing ever went
Quite exactly as we planned
Our ideas held no water
But we used them like a damOh, and we carried it all so well
As if we got a new position
Oh, and I laugh all the way to hell
Saying yes, this is a fine promotion
Oh, and I laugh all the way to hellOf course everyone goes crazy
Over such and such and such
We made ourselves a pillar
We just used it as a crutchWe were certainly uncertain
At least I'm pretty sure I am
Well, we didn't need the water
But we just built that good god damnOh, and I know this of myself
I assume as much for other people
Oh, and I know this of myself
We've listened more to life's end gong
Than the sound of life's sweet bellsWas it ever worth it?
Was there all that much to gain?
Well, we knew we'd missed the boat
And we'd already missed the planeWe didn't read the invite
We just danced at our own wake
All our favorites were playing
So we could shake, shake, shake, shake, shakeTiny curtains open
And we heard the tiny clap of little hands
A tiny man would tell a little joke
And get a tiny laugh from all the folksSitting, drifting around in bubbles
And thinking it was us that carried them
When we finally got it figured out
That we had truly missed the boatOh, and we carried it all so well
As if we got a new position
Oh, and we owned all the tools ourselves
Without the skills to make a shelf with
Oh, what useless tools ourselves
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Это интересно:Modest Mouse, эта "скромная мышка" американского инди-рока, оказалась в положении некоего серого кардинала, о котором мало что знают среднестатистические граждане, но чье присутствие хорошо ощущают на себе коллеги по цеху. За время далеко не безоблачного пути, пройденного командой с середины 90-х, "Мышка" успела заметно подрасти, окрепнуть и обзавестись нескромной армией почитателей.... продолжение
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